Low capacity means transport prices stay high

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Third quarter transport prices fell by 4.1 per cent from the second quarter, The latest Transport Market Monitor has revealed, but prices remain high due to low capacity.

The monitor, which was put together by Capgemini Consulting and Transporeon, found that the price index decrease lead to an index of 100.6. It also found that:

* In Q3 2015, the diesel index decreased by 5.4 per cent to an index of 85.8, which is the lowest index value in six years. The price index stays the same because of the low capacity index.

* The capacity index increased to 77.5 (14.4 per cent). But the capacity index in Q3 is 10.5 per cent lower than the Q3 in 2014, which had an index of 86.6.

* In comparison to last year’s Q3 index level – the price index has increased by is 1.2 per cent.

Erik van Dort, supply chain director at Capgemini said: “In this quarter we see the usual increase in capacity for a Q3. However the price decline from Q2 to Q3 of 4.1 per cent is larger than observed in previous years. This probably is due to the fact that the diesel price index has reached a record 6 year low”.

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