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Dachs elected president

At the ELA’s recent annual general assembly, member organisations elected former vice president Roland Dachs as president.

People, networks, and technologies focus for BVL Congress

The International German Logistics Congress will take place in Berlin from 18- 20 October this year. In 2005, the German Logistics Association (BVL) welcomed over 3,000 delegates from more than 25 countries as well as around 220 representatives from the p

Central attraction

As Britain’s manufacturing base continues to diminish, the UK economy is becoming increasingly services centric. A boom in retailing keeps supply chains active, but with congested infrastructure and labour shortages, what makes the UK attractive to invest

Sound advice

Beleaguered logistics managers across Europe are putting radio frequency identification (RFID) projects on the back burner and concentrating on data capture systems with a more immediate payback such as voice technology. By John Lamb

David Fry

The supply chain could benefit from some manufacturing discipline, says the group logistics director of Oxford University Press

Retailers’ megashed plans

Three retailers have put forward proposals for individual megasheds upwards of 650,000 sq ft each around the country as they put in place supply chain systems to deal with growing consumer demand.


Collaboration is not quite the no-brainer it seems at first, taking a great deal of planning, but the benefits are real. By Sam Tulip

Good buy

Last minute bid from Apollo Management secures purchase agreement for TNT’s logistics division. By John Manners-Bell

Gearing up for complexity

Increasing product complexity, a desire for make-to-order and the race to source from low cost economies is creating a heady mix for automotive manufacturers. Can the sector rise to the challenge of complexity?

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