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Outsourcing opportunities

Two recent reports on European logistics have highlighted the opportunities for third party logistics companies and distribution warehouse developers.

The value map

How do you ensure that transformation projects have the greatest impact on shareholder value? It’s simple, if you have a map – as one major oil and gas company found out when deploying a five year process transformation across 29 countries. By Martyn Watt

A sea change in demand

n expected 38 per cent increase in trade between the 25 EU member states by 2010 will place a great emphasis on ports and sea motorways. What will be the new pattern of demand for distribution centres? By Simon Lloyd

Keep taking the tablets

The ailing pharmaceutical supply chain is going to have to get in shape to face the challenges of increased risk management and the medicine it needs might not taste too nice. By Chris Lewis

Visible assets

Rising supply chain complexity is driving a need for sophisticated warehouse management systems that can deliver improved customer service and cost reduction – visibility up and down the chain is crucial. Are your systems up to it? By John Lamb

Fast talking

Voice technology has enabled food distributor, Brakes, to increase accuracy and speed of picking operations across its sixteen sites. The technology could soon be used for goods inwards, put-away, replenishment and loading. By Greg Tanner

Niek Visarius

Focus on the ‘three Vs’, says the director of supply chain and customer service EMEA, Rockwell Automation

Unlocking Innovation and Portfolio Management

There was a time when it was enough to be either different or cheaper. Now, a more complex and challenging environment is driving companies to leverage aspects such as innovation and product portfolio management as value levers for growth. By Jerker Funne

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