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The data avalanche

RFID will make available a thousand times more information. How are you going to identify and act on what’s important? Some views from the Oriana

Tax returns

On 1st May 2004, ten new countries will become EU Member States. This, the largest expansion in its history, provides an opportunity for corporate Europe to extend its tax effective supply chains into new territories. The returns could be substantial.

Telly sales

The immediacy of live TV has brought great success and yet, its own set of challenges to television-shopping channel, QVC Germany. Its fascinating sales approach requires a distribution operation that can respond to the interactive and dynamic nature of s

Visibility gaps in supply chain bridged

Savi Technology, Matrics and the MIT Auto-ID Centre have teamed up to offer an integrated radio frequency identification (RFID) solution that simultaneously monitors the conveyances that transport products.

The first Assessors’ Workshop

In Rome, as the temperatures soared to 42°C outside (but with good air-conditioning inside), the European Certification Board for Logistics held its first Assessors Workshop.

I’ll drink to that

The efficient management of mobile assets such as beer kegs is now possible – and it’s not just the technology that’s innovative.

The ‘snap-on’ supply chain

How do you create an on-demand supply chain, where an infinitely expandable network of suppliers and buyers can collaborate with each other, and where no integration is needed? Snap-on and find out.

One way system

IT is transforming in-vehicle technology with a growing mish-mash of gadgets competing for drivers’ attention. Creating a simplified solution is becoming a priority.

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