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Distribution costs hit discount retailer

Instore, the discount retailer, has blamed increasing costs at its distribution warehouse for its second profit warning within a month. The owner of the Poundstretcher chain said it had “seen a significant shortfall in sales against internal expectations”

An emphasis on language

It falls the way of most logisticians that their working lives are filled with meetings of every kind. I am no exception and, even as I write, have just returned home after a round of meetings addressing both European policy issues and the running of the

Embracing complexity

The most significant challenge facing the Logistics Services sector is that of complexity. With lengthening supply chains, brought about by the trend to ‘global sourcing’, service providers are now placed in a position where managing this complexity req

VIB celebrates its 25th anniversary

This year, VIB has been active for 25 years as the Association for Purchasing and Logistics in Flanders, Belgium. On the 3rd February member companies and some special guests (totalling 300) were invited to celebrate this anniversary at the Belgacom Surfh

Ground control

Control Towers provide air traffic personnel with complete visibility of all the flights they are supervising. A new breed of Logistics Control Tower is now providing the same help to logistics service providers. By Joakim Jansch

Richard Downes

We’ve never been afraid of copying good models from other businesses,’ says the vp supply chain for Rexam Beverage Can Europe

Streamlining procurement

ESPO uses the aggregate buying volumes of its customers to maximise procurement savings for them.

Supplying the answer

Pressure is mounting in the UK for an inquiry into the alleged monopolistic practices of supermarkets. A valid supply chain response must be considered. By Sam Tulip

Chasing the dragon

China’s compelling cost structure is leading many retailers and manufacturers to view it as the land of opportunity. But what are the hidden costs of a China supply chain?

Lean machines

Leaner, greener and meaner must be the way ahead for the automotive supply chain of the future. But is the sector tunned-up for high performance?

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