Army logistics regiment completes Afghan tour

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Soldiers from 3 Logistic Support Regiment (3 LSR) are heading home after completing more than 239,000 miles of support patrols in Afghanistan.

The unit deployed as a Close Support Logistic Regiment in March this year to supply troops on the front line with essential supplies such as food, vehicle parts and ammunition, and to collect equipment as bases were handed over to the Afghans or closed down across Helmand this summer.

The regiment provided support through combat logistic patrols overcoming narrow, steep-sided lanes, bumpy sand tracks, fragile bridges and deep water-filled wadis.

Because they were often driving through contested areas, they had to guard against the threat of potential attack. A total of seven forward operating bases closed during 3 LSR’s tenure and its role was critical to the successful and safe drawdown of these bases.

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Timmis, commanding officer of 3 LSR, said: “Combat logistic patrols are hard, very hard. Personnel drive in fully-loaded vehicles wearing all their protective equipment for many hours in the searing heat and dust while crossing the desert or congested roads.”

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