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Swiss activity

This month acquisition activity has focused around global Swiss logistics provider Kuehne + Nagel International.

Retailer’s depot staff vote for strike action

As Logistics Manager was going to press, Morrisons said it was in talks with both the TGWU and the GMB over the outcome of their recent ballots, which were “held in pursuit of their desire for joint national bargaining” with the supermarket chain.

DHL snaps up Nikon and Sony

All of Nikon Europe’s incoming and outgoing goods, warehousing and value-added services are being handled by DHL Solutions as part of a deal covering Europe and Africa.

Unrelenting activity

Mergers and acquisition activity and speculation in the European logistics industry has continued at an unrelenting pace.

Beating the odds

With so many variables – cost, lead-time, response to consumer trends – it can seem as though the odds are stacked heavily against the retailer. How can buyers make the best sourcing decisions to beat the odds?

European commentary

At the end of August, we once again saw the power of natural events to disrupt the stability of the modern society we all take for granted. This time, even as we extended our sympathy to those involved in Hurricane Katrina, there was a chilling recognitio

Solving the stockouts

Retail supply chain systems are becoming more integrated, more extensive and more complex – but are they helping to keep the shelves filled?

Blurred vision

The electronics and high tech sector has fully embraced online selling – the distinction between manufacturing and retailing is now blurred. But is this the only way forward?

Logistics glossary updated

The revised version of the ELA’s ‘Terminology of Logistics’ is now available. In order to work effectively along physical and information chains, logistics professionals use a number of terms that, while in frequent use, are rarely defined.

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