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Spending on logistics services across the automotive, consumer, pharmaceutical, retail and technology industries is set to increase by 30 billion euros over the next five years as the size of outsourced logistics market grows by 33 per cent, according to

Electrical retailer Maplin Electronics has taken a 196,000 sq ft warehouse at St Paul’s Developments’ Brookfields Park in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Rising fuel costs, concerns over congestion and carbon emissions, global consumerism – perhaps the time has come for a change in production planning. Penelope Ody

All too often public sector procurement falls short of best practice. Alastair James believes there are seven common errors that public sector procurement needs to guard against. Here are the seven deadly sins of public sector procurement.

The dynamics of the electronics sector are changing. With individuals now purchasing more high tech products than companies, supply chains are having to be more closely aligned to customer needs. But consumers are fickle and product life spans are short,

In engineer-to-order industries, complexity is inevitable. Every order is custom built and must be managed as a discrete project. Precise supply chain planning is essential – but often difficult to achieve. Here’s how engineering company to the brewing se

How do you gain competitive advantage with a supply chain delivering a vast array of 400,000 products to 1,850 branches? This was the complex challenge facing plumbing and building merchant, Wolseley UK. Their answer was to invest €150 million in a new

Supply chain technology has come a long way since the early days of EDI, warehouse management technology and demand forecasting. Today, it is fast becoming a totally joined-up message thanks to the latest IT. Soon systems will be able to call on a raft of