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Heading for global integration

Back in the dot-com boom, trading exchanges were going to transform the sourcing and supply chain. Today only a handful survive but global sourcing remains a hot topic.

Retailer favours the plastic

Iceland has abandoned using cardboard cartons in its fresh food supply chain, preferring to use plastic crates instead. The company has awarded a five-year deal to Hays Logistics to manage the new initiative which is expected to result in reduced

Better healthcare through leaner logistics

Hospitals have traditionally relied upon nursing and care staff to manage and replenish stocks, an activity that, though important, is not the most effective use of finite nursing resources.

Simon Duddy illustrates how supply chain best practice can be

Making waves

RFID technology is making waves in the pharmaceuticals sector. Many pharma innovators are now working together to examine technology’s potential to maximise operating performance.

FOWLER KEEPS ON ROLLING!New vehicles dedicated to retailers

Pre-retail logistics provider DTS Logistics has invested more than £2.5M in expanding its vehicle fleet to support new dedicated contract operations. These include two with high street retailers Woolworths and Rubicon, owner of the fashion brands P

Out of the red

The major car manufacturers rely on a business model unsuited to today’s mature car markets – demand is no longer greater than supply. Clearly, a new strategy to make and supply is required if manufacturers are to pull out of the red.

Shopping for ideas

Though still cost-obsessed, the auto industry’s inbound supply chain has slipped from its pre-eminent position and could now learn a few things from other sectors. Perhaps the delivery standards of supermarkets could apply?

In the spotlight

With little sign that the automotive industry is going to solve its overcapacity problems anytime soon, supply chain efficiency will remain one of the prime areas for maintaining margins – and that means a focus on information visibility.

Flagging up the changes

Manufacturers are going to have to do more to earn a crust from the lucrative auto after-market with the lifting of block exemption. Dealers will be flying their own flags.

Future horizons

The internet could play a bigger part than you think in the car of our dreams. The networked car could soon be a reality. If you’re a manufacturer, dealer or supplier, take a look into the future, imagine this…

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