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Black Friday is reshaping supply chains

Anyone looking for Black Friday disaster stories will have been disappointed. There have been no reports of major delivery failures or crowds fighting over bargains in stores.

Clipper signs contract with John Lewis

Busiest ever hour for John Lewis online

John Lewis hit its busiest ever hour for online trade on between 9am and 10am on Black Friday with an average of 705 units being purchased every minute.

UK Black Friday sales to grow 3.8pc

UK Black Friday sales are predicted to grow by 3.8 per cent to £10.1 billion compared to last year’s shopping event (Monday 21-Monday 28 November 2016), according to research by GlobalData.

Stuck like glue

Black Friday hit the UK with a tumultuous bang back in 2014. But now it looks like it’s here to stay. Alexandra Leonards takes an in-depth look at the ever-transforming shopping event, and the ways in which retailers are approaching its new challenges.

Black Friday will test the most advanced retailers

With 20 per cent of all custom expected to come from online shopping, Black Friday will “test even the most technologically and operationally advanced of retailers”, according to Mike Danby, CEO of Advanced Supply Chain.

What we need is more Black Fridays

Amazon sold more than two million toys and one million pairs of shoes around the world on Prime Day 2016. Prime Day was launched in 2015 when Prime members bought more than 14 million items worldwide.

Black Friday: 2.5m visits to Argos web site so far

Argos has had 2.5 million online visits since its Black Friday deals went live at 1 am this morning – and the numbers are growing, the retailer has said. The number of visits is over double the daily average.