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Boohoo completes automation of Burnley DC

Online fashion retailer Boohoo has completed the fit-out of the extension to its Burnley distribution centre which includes an element of automation, the company said as it unveiled a 48 per cent increase in sales last year.

Supply chain failure sees big brands selling real fur

Tesco, Boots, FatFace and Romwe have been caught mis-selling real fur as faux fur, according to an investigation by Human Society International UK (HSI) and the Mail on Sunday. Despite all having a no-fur policy, the retailers unknowingly sold the real fur products produced in China, demonstrating a failure in the management of their supply chains, […]

‘See now buy now’ transforms supply chains

Fast fashion – with limited shelf-life lines arriving in store every few days – has become the norm for many retailers targeting millennials. Now, even the luxury brands are following suit making the latest catwalk fashions available to buy immediately.

Rethinking retail

  As more consumers opt to buy online rather than in-store the traditional tenets of good retailing have fallen by the wayside: returns are rising, stock control is chaotic and margins are under pressure. Where will it all end?