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In your dreams…

Why 3PLs will never get a five-year lease with a three year break, a years rent free all at a low market rent and why it doesn’t really matter. Liza Helps reports.

Maintaining the grade

Service and maintenance is crucial to those that rely on forklifts in their operations. Alexandra Leonards explores the challenges happening market, and examines the best ways to maximise the life expectancy of equipment.

Skills saviour

With the labour shortage hot on the heels of the logistics industry, will automation intercept to save the day? Alexandra Leonards explores its place in logistics, how it is managed in the sector and some of the new technologies hitting the market…

Prison for driver who broke hours rules

A lorry driver has been given a six-month prison sentence after the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency found he had not taken enough rest breaks.

BITO starts production of simple AGV

BITO has started production of LEO, its driverless internal transport system which does not require an infrastructure or complex installation.

Brexit bust-ups will damage European supply chains

Brexit negotiations got nastier last week. At the conclusion of the third round of talks, the European Union’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier complained about lack of progress and accused the UK government of trying to wriggle out of its financial responsibilities.