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Stylish strategies

Fashion retailers are increasingly looking to e-commerce for growth, and meeting the demands of this market requires new systems. Johanna Parsons reports


Inditex drives growth with logistics investment

Inditex, the high street fashion groups whose brands include Zara, invested more than 1.4 billion euros last year – notably on rolling out new projects in the logistics division and modernising the eight distribution centres currently in operation

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How to be top

I’ve heard it said that Apple knows more about what is going on in its competitors’ supply chains than the competitors do themselves. Just hyperbole? Probably. What is true is that Apple has come out top in the Gartner Top 25 supply chain listing


Zara steps up supply chain controls in Brazil

Spanish fashion group Inditex has set out a improvements to its procedures for controlling its supply chain in Brazil following press allegations last month that one of its contractors was employing sweatshop labour


Inditex opens 100m euro DC for shoes

Tempe, the Inditex company which designs, manufactures and distributes footwear and accessories to all Inditex fashion retailers, has opened a 100 million euro logistics hub at Elche in south east Spain