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The hard cell

There are now cars, buses, trucks and forklifts using fuel cell technology, but, says Malory Davies, while the technology is developing rapidly, the infrastructure to support it is lagging behind.

Retail revolution under scrutiny

Retail supply chains are having to cope with the rise of multiple sales channels. Increasingly, the focus is on an omni-channel approach – a supply chain capable of supplying a single customer as efficiently as a store. How to do that was what drew leading retailers to the Omni-Channel conference in Birmingham last month.

Walmart targets China on energy efficiency

Walmart is calling on suppliers representing 70 per cent of its business sourced in China to participate in an energy efficiency programme by the end of 2017 as part of a global supply chain sustainability initiative...

Apple tops supply chain rankings

Apple has topped the rankings in the annual Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 survey - for the seventh year in a row. Gartner said: “It's hard to argue with operations that regularly generate more than $10 billion in cash flow each quarter

Gazeley and PD Ports to develop 1.6m sq ft

Developer Gazeley and PD Ports have announced a joint agreement to develop up to 1.6 million sq ft of build-to-suit sustainable port centric logistics warehousing in the next phase of development at Teesport in the North east

Cost pressures mount on grocery supply chains

Anyone who has seen one of Asda’s television advertisements comparing its prices to Tesco’s can hardly fail to realise there is a price war going on in the grocery market.

Trend tyrants

Buyers of fashion products are, almost by definition, fickle. But they exert a powerful influence on the supply chain - and the nature of their requirements is changing. Johanna Parsons reports

Meeting the e-tail challenge

The growth of online shopping is causing a rethink of logistics strategies in the retail sector. And our panel of leading retailers and logistics providers had some very clear views on what needs to happen in our round table sponsored by SEGRO

Time to take the broad view

Companies must take a wider view of supply chain sustainability, according to the latest report produced by Accenture for the Carbon Disclosure Project

How to spot a fake

Any discussion of supply chain risk tends to focus on such things as natural disasters and supplier failures