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November issue out now

The November 2016 edition of Logistics Manager is now out in print and online. It is also available on iPad and Android.

How M&S is improving the multi-channel process

Marks & Spencer’s strategy for building its multi-channel offering came under scrutiny at the Omni-Channel Conference on Thursday, in a presentation by Ricky Wilson, head of operations for M&S.co.uk.

What will Black Friday bring this year?

While many retailers would love it if we all quietly forgot about Black Friday, the American import looks set to stay for some years yet. Will 2016’s promotions repeat the carrier carnage of 2014 or will retailers succeed in managing consumer demand and expectations?

Could Uber boost sustainability in the parcels market?

The idea of Uber-style services for the delivery of parcels is starting to gain some traction. Amazon has its Flex service, while Walmart is testing deliveries with a number of different services including Uber itself. But what about the environmental impact?


Asda extends reverse logistics contract with XPO

Asda Walmart has extended its long-term agreement with XPO Logistics for reverse logistics operations covering nine Asda service centres where millions of units of returnable transit equipment are washed each year and repairs are carried out when necessary.

The challenge of data

How do you align organisations to improve on their data literacy to deliver a breakthrough commercial success? That is the question that will be addressed at the Omni-Channel Conference by Andrew Mann, vice president of insight & CRM, at Asda Walmart.

Time to buy an online retailer?

The word “relentless” might have been invented to describe the pace of change in online retail – and it clear that many retailers still have some way to go in integrating their online and physical stores to maximise potential sales. The latest move has come from Walmart with a deal to buy US online retailer […]