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Logistics Manager Analysis: Planning for uncertainty

2019 may well be remembered by many in the distribution sector as the year political procrastination played havoc with the supply pipeline – from product sourcing to warehouse management, from demand forecasting to actual sales…  writes Penelope Ody.

Online vs the high street

With many long-established high street chains struggling to keep their stores open, will the demand for yet more home delivery ever end? Penelope Ody.

Planning for all possibilities

With retailers planning their product assortments a year or two in advance, the implications of life outside the single market are already being considered by many leading players.

Battling the Brexit brouhaha

Penelope Ody: Leaving the single market does not mean supply chain executives must wring their hands in despair – after all, they’ve faced predictions of doom before.

More reasons to take control of the last mile

Penelope Ody:  With carrier capacity under pressure at peak times and a growing shortage of drivers, it is hardly surprising that major retailers are investing in their own logistics networks – there is the little matter of customer service to consider as well.

A proliferation of peaks

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming on the horizon is the proliferation of online bumper bargain days playing havoc with the usual approach to “peak planning”?

‘See now buy now’ transforms supply chains

Fast fashion – with limited shelf-life lines arriving in store every few days – has become the norm for many retailers targeting millennials. Now, even the luxury brands are following suit making the latest catwalk fashions available to buy immediately.

Rethinking retail

  As more consumers opt to buy online rather than in-store the traditional tenets of good retailing have fallen by the wayside: returns are rising, stock control is chaotic and margins are under pressure. Where will it all end?

Time to manage expectations?

As we tick off the last days before Christmas, shall we see the familiar annual panic to clear the parcel backlog before the great day, will the twitter-sphere buzz with complaints yet again – or will consumers have shopped early?