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European commentary

At the end of August, we once again saw the power of natural events to disrupt the stability of the modern society we all take for granted. This time, even as we extended our sympathy to those involved in Hurricane Katrina, there was a chilling recognitio

Logistics glossary updated

The revised version of the ELA’s ‘Terminology of Logistics’ is now available. In order to work effectively along physical and information chains, logistics professionals use a number of terms that, while in frequent use, are rarely defined.

Doctorate Workshop 2005

This summer, the ELA Research and Development Committee brought together 20 PhD students from 11 European countries for a workshop at a beautiful venue in Monchy-St-Eloi, near Paris. Hosted by AFT-IFTM and sponsored by DHL Switzerland, the ninth ELA doc

Working on the margins

The high street is a pretty cold place to be at the moment. Margins are under pressure as retailers markdown to clear stock in a lacklustre market. But pushing inventory through store at discount is no way to make the shareholders happy.

Unrelenting activity

Mergers and acquisition activity and speculation in the European logistics industry has continued at an unrelenting pace.

Centre stage

For years, retailers and their suppliers have been eulogising the need to collaborate – supported by a bewildering array of IT systems and an equally confusing assortment of acronym very little true collaboration has occurred — but finally that looks set

Watch out for RFID

As previous years may have been dubbed the year of ‘Collaboration’ or perhaps, ‘ERP’, there can be little doubt that 2005 will be exalted as ‘the year of RFID’. And although it may be tempting to dismiss this prominent subject as just ‘hype’, elevated to

Is it time for lean to get broader?

Toyota spent 30 years perfecting the concept of lean manufacturing. It tweaked, it dabbled, it questioned, and it refused to accept conventional wisdom. We all know the result: supply chain professionals still identify the car giant’s operation as a near-

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