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Net benefits

Wanting improvement through the implementation of a network strategy is one thing, but achieving that improvement is another.

Breaking down the barriers

A European group is addressing the problems preventing effective supply chain collaboration.

The Hodgson diet

The legislator and the consumer are demanding improved food safety. Addressing these demands presents a wider commercial opportunity – to protect consumers and brands, whilst maximising profit in the food supply chain. Here’s a healthy diet for trim figur

In the public interest

The public sector is the supply chain’s final frontier but managers are beginning to face up to the task of reform. The stakes are high, but so are the possible gains.

Knowing you, knowing me

Bucking the trend to commoditise purchases – including aspects of transport – the supplier relationship management approach shifts the emphasis the other way to leverage benefits in service levels and flexibility. But how does this work in partnerships th

Anna Cusmano

‘Safety is the major concern for us, and it should be for everyone in logistics and supply chain,’ says the logistics manager Europe for BP’s lubricants business.

A load of rubbish

The EU’s delightfully-named WEEE recycling directive must be ratified by August and will take effect in 2005. Brace yourself for similar chaos as engendered by that famous directive about fridges – for which the UK government had also failed to plan.

Return to profit

What happens when you discover, to your horror and great irritation, that your new mobile phone is faulty? Okay, it may be an inconvenience to you, the consumer, but for the retailer and for the manufacturer it’s not only an irritation, it’s a cost.

Masterclasses, the VIB way

VIB – Vereniging voor Inkoop en Logistiek International masterclasses in strategic purchasing and supply chain management

Supply chain cure for clinical trials

As the pharmaceutical industry is faced with a range of challenges from dwindling research and development (R&D) pipelines to increased competition from generic pharmaceutical substitutes, pharmaceutical manufacturers are refocusing their resources and lo

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