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Pankl Racing Systems chooses Knapp shuttles

Pankl Racing Systems, the engine and drivetrain components specialist, has chosen shuttle technology from Knapp for its new drivetrain component factory in Austria.

Adidas chooses Knapp automation

Sportswear company The Adidas Group has chosen Knapp to automate its new e-commerce facility based in Rieste, Germany.

Fashionable solutions

Spiralling online buying is sending the fashion industry into a spin. Does automation hold the key to a more efficient warehouse? Or is it a costly hindrance? Alexandra Leonards looks at automation’s place within the industry.

Are robots really ready to take over?

Logistics operations have seen a steady growth in the use of automation, and we are starting to see robots becoming available. But, asks Malory Davies, how long will it be before they make a real impact?

Are you picking the right strategy?

Retailers and their suppliers face some hard choices as they attempt to keep pace with changing consumer behaviours, and no-where is the impact more apparent than at the pick-face. Malory Davies explores the issues.

IntraLogisteX showcases size optimisation technologies

Over the last few days there has been widespread furore about excess packaging for products that have been ordered online. Exhibitors at IntraLogisteX 2016, including award winning packaging systems company Linkx, will showcase size optimisation technologies that are designed to tackle excess packaging.

Automation: Challenging channels

Automated systems have an important role to play in the development of multi-channel and omni-channel retailing. Malory Davies looks at the challenges.

Order picking: Coping with complexity

Order picking for an omni-channel operation adds a whole new level of complexity to the process with the need to pick in quantities for store deliveries as well as picking individual items for home delivery. Lisa Townshend investigates the options.

Shopping: I want it now

Overwhelming demand may be an enviable problem, but retail spikes must be handled with care to avoid alienating customers and automation may be the answer, says Johanna Parsons.

Omni-Channel Conference

Are you ready for Black Friday?

The rewards of online retailing are very clear, but dealing with operational issues such as the Black Friday spike and dealing with returns can make it a minefield. A line-up of top industry professionals will be tackling the toughest issues at the Omni-Channel Conference later this month.