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Volvo unveils LNG versions of heavy trucks

Volvo Trucks is to launch liquefied natural gas versions of its FH and FM heavy duty trucks in the Spring of next year. The company is also working with gas suppliers and customers to expand the LNG infrastructure in Europe.

LNG is best alternative to diesel, says Volvo

Liquefied natural gas is the best available climate alternative on the market for heavy regional and long-haul transport operations, according to Volvo Trucks, which is now intensifying its development of gas-powered trucks for such operations.

Cyclist safety needs greater focus, says Volvo

There is a greater need to focus on reducing risks for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, moped riders and motorcyclists, according to a report from Volvo Trucks.

Volvo truck beats world speed records

Volvo’s truck ‘The Iron King’ has beaten the world speed record for both 1,000 and 500 metres standing-start categories. The truck had an average speed of 105mph and a time of 21.29 at the 1,000 standing start.

Concept truck, Volvo

Volvo truck promises 30pc fuel cut

Volvo Trucks have made a new concept vehicle, with an aerodynamic design and lower kerb weight, that it reckons can reduce fuel consumption by over 30 per cent.

Ginsters picks Volvo to move the pasties

The distribution arm of Ginsters, Samworth Brothers Supply Chain, has acquired the largest truck order it has ever placed – 35 Volvo FH tractor units.

Volvo 5pc fuel consumption cut

Volvo has unveiled improvements to engine efficiency and aerodynamics that it says can cut fuel costs by up to five per cent.