Tuesday 22nd May 2018 - Logistics Manager

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Supply Chain Transformation Expansion

The Ministry of Defence has launched a major change programme to modernise its Warehousing Network. This programme is an integral part of the wider Defence Support Network Transformation Programme and a key driver for ensuring the right quantity of the right items are in the right place at the right time, in the right condition […]

AMCS: Three fleet trends to watch in 2018

The trucking and lorry industry continues to evolve with the latest technologies and relevant events that impact the sector. Here’s a look at what you should expect to see in industry news for the rest of the year.

How to Turn Big Data into Actionable Intelligence

If your company is like the majority of supply chain companies, you lack a team of data scientists focused on big data analysis. But that should not be a roadblock to making better business decisions with the information hidden in your supply chain data.

Unwrapping the Hidden Value of a Parcel System

Don’t settle for a parcel solution that just meets today’s needs. With the right approach and a few key pointers, you can have it all: a system that addresses your immediate issues and is poised for future growth.

From the First Mile to the Final Mile

Meeting customer expectations when it comes to the delivery of their goods is becoming ever more challenging as access to the global marketplace increases.

Round table: Braving Brexit

Industry leaders discussed the challenges facing retail, logistics and supply chain as the UK moves towards an exit from the European Union at our roundtable sponsored by DP World.

The shape of things to come

The challenges and possible solutions for the warehouses of the future come under scrutiny at our round table sponsored by Gazeley, writes Liza Helps.