Logisticians are happiest workers – survey

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Nothing beats a career in logistics for job enjoyment, according to data from employment web site TheJobCrowd.com

TheJobCrowd.com asks young professionals from a range of industries to reveal the truth about their roles. It asks them to rate their jobs for factors such as responsibility, progression, colleagues, training and company – as well as enjoyment.

Even those working in performing arts and music enjoyed their jobs less than the logistics professionals but were happier than those in other sectors. Workers in the construction and property industries rated third for job enjoyment while admin staff were unhappiest.

But workers in admin and customer services were voted the worst colleagues and also came bottom of the list for job enjoyment.

And despite a glamorous image careers in media and broadcasting were rated third worst in terms of enjoyment – behind only admin and IT.

Natasha Freeman, of TheJobCrowd.com said: “We were also to discover that those working in transport and logistics enjoyed their jobs more than those in any other sector including performing arts which obviously has a more glamorous image.”

The data was provided by 525 professionals. It also showed that when it comes to rating colleagues those working in insurance and pensions score more highly than any other professionals.

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