Flexis for steel giant

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Steel giant ArcelorMittal has switched to a fleet of Flexi Narrow Aisle trucks after a year’s trial at one of its European production plant near Liege.

At ArcelorMittal the Flexi articulated trucks lift loads of finished components destined for the automotive sector between ArcelorMittal’s production line and the company’s on-site storage facility. These weigh up to 2,000kgs and must reach heights of over 8 metres.

Sideloaders had been used at the site previously because the loads carried measure up to two metres wide. However, they were slow and their limited maneuverability and visibility had resulted in unacceptably high levels of damage to both loads and the warehouse racking.

Flexi trucks are smaller and more flexible by nature, and can access racking directly with minimal steering and turning.

The front wheel drive design has Flexi’s “true radius” turning, which makes stacking pallet loads safe and easy – so even inexperienced operators will not damage pallet racks or products when stacking in the aisles.

The variation in the dimensions of the loads carried at ArcelorMittal made pallet visibility an especially important consideration when specifying the new trucks

ArcelorMittal’s truck drivers underwent an easy on site conversion training course to ensure that they were familiar and comfortable with the Flexi truck’s operation and, since switching to Flexis, ArcelorMittal has reported a significant drop in handling damage as well as notably higher throughput rates.

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