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Independent tyre wholesaler Bond International is one of the first customers to trial VSc Mobile Solution’s integrated supply chain fulfilment and real-time vehicle tracking solution. The company is rolling out the solution to a third of its fleet. Richard Croft, Bond’s marketing director, says: “The level of proactive customer service that we can now provide to keep customers informed of any changes to expected delivery times is a major plus in this highly competitive business. We expect the wide-ranging management reports on performance to lead to productivity improvements all round.”

Warehousing and logistics specialist TEPS is using the Empirica warehouse management software from Chess Logistics Technology. The Empirica software is used for stock control, order picking and other warehouse management tasks. A review of operations highlighted the need for improvements and presented TEPS with the choice of upgrading its existing software or installing a new solution. Empirica’s wide range of warehouse management functions and standard and web-based interface capabilities offers the optimum solution for supply chain integration by providing customers and partners access to real-time inventory and stock information.

Meek Distribution is using Mandata’s Advanced Services package which allows its customers to input their own orders directly onto the traffic pad. Advanced Services is Mandata’s Internet-based supply chain management solution offering online order processing, GPRS vehicle tracking, digital POD capture and geo-fencing. Meek managing director Andy Meek says the advantage is that cost is being taken out of the system. “It’s a very streamlined system, which means savings in administrative time and therefore money. That, in turn, means we are driving more efficiencies into the business and giving our clients a more cost-effective service.”

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