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The Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) reports that is “more than satisfied” with tap, the UK’s first online vehicle service planning and scheduling tool which automatically updates and archives service, maintenance and legal documentation and provides instant 24 hours a day via the Internet. VOSA was recently invited to examine tap, developed by brs Truck Rental, to ensure that it met its requirements regarding electronic capture and storage of service, maintenance and legal documentation as set out in VOSA’s Code of Practice, the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness.

The Guide states that: “The system must be tamper-proof and capable of producing hard copy information for use at public enquiries held by Traffic Commissioners. Computer records must contain [a written report on each safety inspection separately for both vehicles and trailers]with the exception of a full list of the items inspected and an indication of each item inspected.”

“tap exceeds the requirements laid out in the Guide by a significant margin,” says Neil Cumming, VOSA’s project manager for Roadworthiness Enforcement & Operator Licensing Policy. “We are looking for compliance with the requirements, especially security. We are satisfied that the documents stored are tamper-proof and the information stored also exceeds that required by the Guide – every detail of work carried out or defects found is available. It is a highly impressive system.”

As a result, VOSA examiners now have the option to the view maintenance documents online as proof of work carried out.

tap was developed from brs Truck Rental’s own online documentation storage system, the Operator Licence Pack. brs engineering director Mike Jackson provided the information required to make the tool as comprehensive as possible, while Tamsin Tricker, brs business systems manager, and her team oversaw the technical development.

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