Cushion packaging fills a void

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Network marketing company Forever Living Products (ELP) is using Easypack paper-based cushion packaging to provide void fill and protection for shipping its extensive range of health and beauty products. Easypack has also supplied three space efficient double packing stations, which feature overhead storage for boxes, a shelf for parcel tape and a central tray to hold sundry items.

Paper cushions are dispensed through the work table and the quantity is controlled either by foot switches or by means of a programmable keypad that automatically selects just the right amount of material depending on the size of box.

ELP previously used polystyrene loosefill with four packing benches, and warehouse manager Darrel O’Malley comments: “There have been huge benefits in making this change. We now have six packers taking up less space than four previously and the working environment has greatly improved. In addition to this, we no longer have to store bags of polystyrene chips and by getting away from this material the whole area stays clean and tidy.”

O’Malley continues: “We find the system easy to use and our customers much prefer paper packing material which is environmentally friendly and easily disposed of.”

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