Friday 22nd Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Secureseal launches new online product

Secureseal has launched a new product that provides up-to-date trailer fleet information via the web.

Developed using RFID, GPRS and web technology, the Secureseal System gathers vehicle and trailer information relating to location, security and temperature.

Self-powered RFID transmitters, provide an ID and location with the added functionality of temperature and security data if required. By using the Secureseal System an operation will receive a real time view of the location of all trailers within a network and are provided with a complete up to date picture of the trailer fleet’s status.

Secureseal System can be updated frequently from every 10 minutes to twice each day dependent upon the operator’s requirements. Fleet Managers can search by trailer or site, receive automatic MOT, servicing and absent trailer alerts and are provided with various other management reports relating to fleet utilisation and productivity.