DfT in environmental test

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More than 7,500 distribution vehicles are taking part in an environmental survey into the transport of food and drink which began at midnight on Wednesday 7 March.

Some 130 operators are taking part in the Key Performance Indicators Survey, run on behalf of the Department for Transport by Scala logistics consultants.

The test will examine how efficiently trucks and vans are being operated and the effect of congestion and loading or unloading delays. It will also show how far goods are moved, how much fuel is used, and how much carbon dioxide is released in the process.

Scala said the test will provide “a real measure of the effectiveness of the use of goods vehicles on our roads in transporting food and drink from manufacturers, through distribution centres and so to the final retailer before it reaches the consumer”.

Participating companies will receive a report that will show how efficiently their vehicles are being used compared to other fleets in the survey.

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