Swisslog wins €130m design & build contract

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Swisslog has won a 130 million Euro contract to design and implement a 50,000 sq m (538sq ft) distribution centre for retail chemist dm-drogerie markt, near Cologne, Germany.
The site consists of three parts – a picking warehouse for carton goods and small goods respectively, and a high bay warehouse.

The carton goods warehouse accommodates 20,000 pallets and features 13 stacker cranes. The small goods warehouse has a capacity of 140,000 locations, with 52 stacker cranes, which handle the warehousing from the goods-in area, the supply to the picking zone, and the conveyance of the bins to the goods-out area.

The high bay warehouse, of 30 metres altitude, has 14,000 pallet locations and will be used for the temporary storage of still palletized small goods. Seven stacker cranes ensure the supply to the picking warehouse. The co-ordination of all the goods flows in the respective functional areas is provided for by the Swisslog material flow solution, which includes an interface to dm’s warehouse management system.
Swisslog’s CaddyPick picking system is based on an electrical monorail system.
Construction work will start early this year, with the site becoming operational by the end of next year.

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