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Time to press industry’s case on Brexit

Neutral observers must be thinking that British prime ministers have some kind of death wish. First we had David Cameron calling a referendum that he never needed to, losing, and then having to resign.

The 350 year old retail challenge

I must confess that I had never heard of William Lucas until today. But it turns out that Lucas is the person we must thank for the home shopping revolution. And the ramifications of his innovation are creating challenges for retail supply chains today.

The risk to your supply chain might not be what you think

2017 is likely to see further threats of cargo theft and drug smuggling in the Americas and Europe, protests over wage and other labour issues across Asia, and persistent risks of terrorism, including terrorist targeting of the supply chain.

Flight of fantasy?

Can’t say I am a regular reader of the “Nikkei Asian Review”, but when it headlined a story “Toyota decides flying cars aren’t so crazy after all”, I couldn’t resist having a look.

Happy days…

All the talk about Brexit might be expected to have shaken business confidence but all the evidence so far is that demand for supply chain professionals is actually increasing.

The boss is not happy

Back from the Easter break and looking forward to settling back into work nice and gently?

Are you ‘multi-local’ yet?

Apparently, the concept of “global” has had it’s day – what we need to talk about now is “multi-local”. At least that is what my marketing guru tells me. The theory is that all customers are local and need to be treated as such.