Denmark steps up road safety

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The Danish government is to work closely with Sweden in a move to improve the safety of its roads. Government officials from both countries gathered today for a seminar at the Swedish Embassy in Copenhagen, to share road safety initiatives.

Volvo Trucks attended the seminar to reveal some of its latest truck safety technology, such as a Lane Changing Support system. This uses radar to detect obstacles that aren’t visible in the truck’s passenger rear view mirror. When the driver flicks on the indicator to change lanes, the system checks if there is an obstacle in the blind spot. If there is a light signal alerts the driver.

Another system to be recommended is one that protects against tiredness-related accidents called Driver Alert Support. This kicks in when a driver’s concentration drops, which changes the truck’s movement pattern. The system registers this and alerts the driver to take a break.

A corner lighting system is now being introduced for inner city driving, which improves the driver’s vision when turning corners in dark or dim conditions.

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