Vanity Fair Lingerie selects Zetes

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Vanity Fair Brands Lingerie Europe has selected voice technology from auto-id specialist Zetes.

It has taken the 3iV Crystal voice software for automatic picking and cross docking across various distribution channels at its main warehouse in Igualada, Spain.

3iV Crystal was integrated directly into the warehouse management system, Manhattan WMOS, and did not require any middleware.

The system manages all shipments, obtaining real-time information whenever required.

The Igualada facility has an area of 8,000 sq m and all the company’s multinational brands are distributed from there. It sends out 15,000 to 25,000 items per day..

VFB Lingerie Europe manufactures lingerie and swimwear and has been part of the North American Fruit of the Loom Group since 2007. It owns brands such as Intima Cherry, Variance, and Bestform.


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