DHL meets 2012 CO2 targets early

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Deutsche Post DHL says it has met its CO2 efficiency target for 2012 a year early, achieving a 12 per cent improvement since 2007.

It had set a target of a ten per cent saving by 2012. This figure includes emissions caused by sub-contractors, but in isolation the firm’s own emissions improved by 31 per cent.

IN its Corporate Responsibility Report 2010, DHL says the savings can be attributed mainly to efforts to lower CO2 in buildings and the vehicle fleet as well as the use of state-of-the-art aircraft for intercontinental flights and investments in new technologies.

Some 3,000 DHL vehicles have hybrid or electric motors or have received electronic or aerodynamic improvements. This includes its first 18-ton hybrid truck and the “green” fleet of 80 hybrid and electric vehicles for delivery in Manhattan/New York.

Rainer Wend, executive vice president corporate public policy and responsibility, said: “If you want to remain a viable global player for the future, you also have to be a part of the solution to society’s problems.”

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