EIP sells Newbury property and buys in Weybridge

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Equiton Industrial Partnership (EIP), the Limited Partnership joint venture between Brixton, the Equitable Life Assurance Society and Edger Investments (a wholly owned subsidiary of Prudential Assurance Company), has sold Units 9-13 Hambridge Lane, Newbury to Kindale. The total sale proceeds of £33.5M show a 2.6% profit over the June 2003 valuation.

The estate, which dates from 1974, comprises two terraces totalling 7,437sq m in three units which are all currently vacant.

Equiton retains the 6,417sq m adjoining estate at 1-8 Hambridge Lane, Newbury where one unit of 898sq m is currently available. Equiton also owns the 19,344sq m Kennetside and Bone lane Industrial Estates in Newbury where 1,160sq m is available. The company’s letting agents in Newbury are Deal Varney and Dreweatt Neate.

It has also acquired Units A301-A305 at Brooklands Industrial Park, Weybridge from Comgrove Properties Ltd, a subsidiary of Quintain Estates & Development for £5.96M. The estate, developed in 1980 in a single terrace, comprises five units totalling 5,289sq m.

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