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Winner: Dell (2)

In recent years the Hi-tech sector has tended to set the standard. This season saw five very different finalists on the shortlist – Chloride Power (jointly with CPG Logistics), Dell, Rockwell Automation, Swisscom Mobile and Computacenter (both the latter

Make it simple

Did you know that 44 per cent of IBM’s market capitalisation is driven by the supply chain? Increased product complexity, IT outsourcing and falling prices are putting increasing pressure on the vital area of high-tech logistics.

Winner: Rexam Beverage Can Europe

This category produced probably the most closely fought contest among the sector categories and included – Ducati Motor Holdings of Bolgna, Italy, Lafarge Nida Gips (partly French-owned but located in Poland), Philips Lighting in Eindhoeven, the Netherlan

Route map to the promised land

The prophets were wrong. e-procurement (or e-anything) doesn’t change behaviour and success depends not so much on technical excellence as on changing organisational cultures by demonstrating tangible benefits.

Winner: Rexam Beverage Can Europe (2)

From the shortlist three organisations were recommended by the assessors for consideration in the Sourcing and e-Procurement category: Lafarge Nida, Rexam, and NHS Logistics Authority, while the judges also opted to consider Ducati – interestingly, three

Charles Davis

‘Expect to see companies moving production back to Europe,’ says the vice-president at AT Kearney

Winner: Dell (3)

Whatever the commitment to ‘total supply chain’, there is no doubt that logistics and fulfilment remain the core supply chain competences, and the area where the metrics will make or break an Awards entry.

Winner: Marks & Spencer – Gist

The Supply Chain Excellence Award for Innovation is itself an innovation this year. The judges had in mind both true innovation – processes, methods or technologies that have never been seen before – but also innovation in the sense of introducing a techn

China syndrome

The surge in trade with the Asia Pacific region, and specifically China, has led to a boom for shipping lines, air cargo carriers and freight forwarders with operations in the region.

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