SCC plan to cut bad debts in the supply chain

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SCC Swiss Commercial Capital, the supply chain finance provider, has reached a referral agreement with Harland Financial Solutions Worldwide that will enable clients to use CreditQuest software for credit analysts and risk managers.

The group said that recent market research showed a substantial number of all blue chip manufacturers were still using rudimentary, spreadsheet-based credit analysis tools. “In the current economic environment, many of these companies are now searching for alternatives to better manage risk on an ongoing basis.”

Christian Lindemann, director of credit at SCC said: “Harland Financial Solutions Worldwide’s market-proven application has full functionality for credit managers and financial analysts, providing accurate data on credit risk and rating of trade account debtors. Rigorous use of such tools combined with a sound credit policy can dramatically improve a company’s ability to avoid bad debts.”

SCC Swiss Commercial Capital, while providing CreditQuest as a stand-alone offering, has also built the product into its overall supply chain finance platform for the expedient management of cross-border credit risk. The increased transparency afforded by such tools allows SCC Swiss Commercial Capital to better manage credit exposures within the supply chains of major corporations around the world.

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