Anti-slavery register reaches 20,000

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Anti-slavery register “” has reached 20,000 statements.

Organisations registered range broadly from leading retailers, manufacturers through all sectors to the regional parliaments. Between them they have an estimated combined turnover of over £2.5 trillion.

The Modern Slavery Act (MSA) passed into law in March 2015 and laid the foundation for combatting slavery in the UK. While it mandated companies and groups with over £36M turnover report annually their actions to end slavery in their supply chains, however, it contained no provision for the creation of a central Government run resource where diverse organisations could register to confirm they have acted and/or are acting to end slavery in their supply chains.

Tiscreport was created to provide an open registry to increase corporate transparency around those supply chains.

The registry was launched in April last year after the Home Office Transparency in Supply Chains Launch event.

The project began as a UK effort to comply with the recent Modern Slavery Act, but has transformed into a global project. It comes after Bristol City Council and the Welsh Government committed to completely abolishing slavery throughout their supply chains.

Kevin Hyland, OBE, The UK independent anti-slavery commissioner has said: “Evidence suggests labour exploitation is rife in the UK. Construction, agriculture, hospitality and seafood are core sectors in my work against modern slavery. Along with statutory agencies, government departments and NGOs, it is incumbent on companies to drive out any forms of exploitation.”

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