Government £10m fund for transport innovation

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Innovate UK, the government funding body, is to invest £10m in projects to improve the efficiency and experience of the end-to-end journey for freight and people.

It is inviting companies to bid for funding in a competition that focuses on two broad themes: optimisation and increasing usable capacity; and demand reduction.

The competition aims to encourage industry, local authorities and service providers to work together. Proposals should cover one or more of the following themes:

  • network and data connectivity within modes and to users
  • infrastructure
  • customer interaction and experience

Projects must be business-led and collaborative. It is expected that project will last between one and three years and range in size from £250,000 to £3 million

Small businesses could receive up to 70 per cent of their project costs, medium-sized businesses 60 per cent and large businesses 50 per cent. Companies can register until noon on 11th November 2015.

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