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FTA demands furlough flexibility for economic recovery

The FTA has said that were the government to include part-time working as part of the current furlough scheme from the end of May, rather than waiting until August, it would ensure the future security of businesses across logistics in the UK.

Cisco tops Gartner Supply Chain rankings 2020

IT and communications equipment vendor Cisco Systems has topped Gartner’s annual rankings of supply chain excellence through a combination revenue growth, strength in environment, social and corporate governance and a recognition of leadership in the community.

Pall-Ex appoints owned operations director

Pall-Ex has appointed a new owned operations director after it acquired the goodwill of the UK pallet operation from Cranleigh Freight Services (now Cranleigh Distribution Services) in February.

Logistics Manager Analysis: Next-generation automation… the best of both worlds?

With the rate at which technology accelerates, we ask ourselves what the next step is in the warehouse, in the supply chain, and in the world of logistics in general. Businesses need to focus on keeping up with this acceleration, while keeping sustainability in mind. So, can they do this with the help of robotic […]